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[IDC-136-KIT] 136kHz Band DC Receiver Kit  discontinued
[IDC-136-BLT] 136kHz Band DC Receiver with enclosure - built and tested discontinued

The IDC-136 series has been replaced by IDC-136II series. You can visit:


IDC-136-KIT is a direct conversion receiver designed exclusively for 136kHz band
reception. With the use of SDR software, it will work as your main or sub receiver.
It's quite simple and you only need a couple of hours to build and get ready to receive.
The local oscillation is obtained by dividing a 8.32MHz osillator by 64, so the stability
is quite high (QRH to less than 0.1Hz order). Since this receiver is not a SDR requiring
both I/Q signals , you can connect it to the MIC input of your laptop PC.

Principle of IDC-136-KIT

1) With the use of the built-in BPF, images are removed, making it possible to use
manoaural input of your PC.
2) The BPF has some attenuation, so the pre-amp is installed to compensate for
the loss.
3) The local oscillation is obtained from a 8.32MHz oscillator divided by 64. Then,
the LO (@130kHz) is subtracted from the target signal to get an audio frequency in
the range of 5 to 8kHz.
4) The audio output from IDC-136-KIT can then be demodulated through software
such as Spectrum Lab or HDSDR.

Features of IDC-136-KIT:
Simple structure - needs just a couple of hours for assembly.
Dividing by 64 makes it almost QRH-free - suitable for up to QRSS240.
◆ Sharp software filters can be utilized.
◆ Small current consumption - ideal for 24H running grabbers

System Requirements:
A Windows PC equipped with a MIC or Line-I
n input with Spectrum Lab or SDR software
You need to prepare an antenna for 136kHz and a power supply unit of 9 - 13.8VDC.

■ Specifications
  • RX Coverage: 106 ~ 154kHz
      (when a 48kHz sound card is used)
  • LO: 130kHz = 8.32MHz divided by 64
  • Power Supply: external 9V~ 13.8VDC, ca. 30mA
  • Dimension of PCB: 77 x 43mm

    (Specifications subject to change without prior notice)
  • OSC of 8MHz (125kHz LO) is available upon request.

  • Note: The enclosure is not included in IDC-136-KIT. IDC-136-BLT comes with enclosure.  


    Case History:
    We have been running a 136kHz grabber 24/365 with an IDC-136-KIT(BLT) at:

    Also, two overseas stations having been running grabbers at:

    Recommended Software

    HDSDR is a good SDR software to use with the IDC-136-KIT.
    For the reception of QRSS, we highly recommend Spectrum Lab.

    Assembly Guide:
    Please download and read through this assembly manual before the purchase.
    We are unable to accept any return goods.
    Assembly Manual for IDC-136-KIT
    Please carefully read through before the purchase.

    Shipping Charges via EMS:
    We have started to ship worldwide. All charges outside of Japan should be bourne
    by the purchaser. EMS is a secure way to deliver the goods.
    -Asia (excluding Middle East): US$12.00
    -NA, CA, Middle East, OC: US$15.00
    -Europe (including Russia): US$19.00
    -SA and AF: US$22.00
    (may vary depeding on JPY/US$ exchange rate fluctuation.)

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