Welcome to The Tokyo Grabber PM95vq for 50MHz

This grabber will be resumed around May when DX condx get better.

RX - SDRplay RSP1     Antenna - 1-element Loop, 15m abg
50MHzプロッター用Spectrum Lab 設定例

時間=JST, Time shown is JST. z - 50,300kHz Waterfall

時間=UTC, Time shown is UTC. 50,000kHz - 50,300kHz Waterfall

Freq Call Sign Scale
50,490kHz JG1ZGW right side
50.480kHz JH8ZND right side
50.037kHz JR6YAG right side
50.017kHz JA6YBR right side
50.485kHz Noise 1 left side
50.027kHz JE7YNQ right side
50.020kHz Noise 2 left side