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[ISDR-136-KIT] 136kHz SDR Receiver Kit    Price US$70.00
[ISDR-136-KIT+40] ISDR-136-KIT + built 7MHz I/F PCB  Price US$82.00

This is a 136kHz SDR kit. All IC's are of DIP type, so you don't need to solder
SMD parts! Enjoy listening to the 2200m band with ISDR-136-KIT as your main
receiver or as the 2nd receiver to monitor your TX signals. The kit consists of
theSDR main PCB and I/F PCB for easier assembly and maintenance.

ISDR-136-KIT+40 is bundled with the built and tested 7MHz I/F PCB. Once the
main PCB is complete, you can quickly check if the assembly is all OK. The center
frequency of the 7MHz I/F is 7,045kHz (= 28,180kHz / 4)

An example of a cased ISDR-136-KIT. (The enclosure and LED are not bundled.)

Case History:
The built kit has been running on a 137,777kHz grabber 24/7:

Recommended Software
HDSDR is one of the best SDR software to use with ISDR-136-KIT.

Features of ISDR-136-KIT:
Well Compares to commercially available receivers.
◆ Sharp software filters can be utilized.
◆ Other bands may be listened with optional I/F PCB (under development).

System Requirements:
A Windows PC equipped with a stereo input. (Microphone terminal cannot be used.)
Laptop PC's usually do not have a line-in terminal, so you need to prepare a USB or
1394 sound device.

SDR Software workable with ISDR-136-KIT:
The following software have been confirmed to work with ISDR-136-KIT. It is suggested
to download any of them and make sure it works with your PC system before purcahse.

Rocky V3.6 
PowerSDR I/Q 
any other SDR software supporting I/Q input

■ Specification
  • RX Freq: 106 - 154kHz
      (when a 48kHz soundcard is used.)
  • Center Freq: 130kHz, 8.32MHz divided by 16 by 4
  • P/S: external  9VDC - 13.8VDC
  • PCB Size: 85 x 63mm main PCB

    (Subject to change without prior notice.)

  • Connections:

    Assembly Guide:
    Please download and read through this assembly manual before the purchase.
    We are unable to accept any return goods.
    Assembly Manual for ISDR-136-KIT
    Please carefully read through before the purchase.

    Shipping Charges via EMS:
    We have started to ship worldwide. All charges outside of Japan should be bourne
    by the purchaser. EMS is a secure way to deliver the goods.
    Asia (excluding Middle East): US$12.00
    NA, CA, Middle East, OC: US$15.00
    Europe (including Russia): US$19.00
    SA and AF: US$22.00

    (may vary depeding on JPY/US$ exchange rate fluctuation.)

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    Payment Method:

    We accept Paypal only. The Paypal mail address will be given in the order confirmation mail.

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