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IDAS UV372-80

 Observation Applications
  -Vapor and Clouds of the Mars.
  -Clouds of the Venus.
  -Scientific photo-shooting of such as living organisms of plants, insects, human skins,  and
      as a filter for UV light sources.

  The UV372-80 filter ultimately suppresses the unwanted light band leakages, making it possible
    to shoot UV photos with a higher contrast.
   Leakage of Visible Band:  1/1,000,000 or less
   Leakage from 680nm to 1,000nm:  1/150,000 or less
   Leakage from 1,000 to 1,200nm:  3,000 or less

Size    Availability Remaks
31.7mm(M28.6) available
52mm available

Spectral Transmittance

Opticall Density

Key Technology

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