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Types of Business

ICAS Enterprises is ready to provide services customers require.

ICAS Enterprises

2-18-19-402, Kojima, Taito, Tokyo
111-0056 Japan
Phone: 81-50-5532-8873

FAX: 81-3-5822-0715

Exporting Optical Goods

We are ready to supply filters made to your special requirements. IDAS is a division of ICAS Enteprises.

Please refer to Products Info pages for each item.

Please send any inquiries to:support @ icas.to

Computer-Related OEM

Any offer for OEM from outside of Japan will be highly appreciated.

ICAS Enterprises is an expert in helping makers to find out an OEM customer, and do localization.

ICAS's staff have so far localized and marketed the following products into the Japanese market:Case History List

Please send any offer or inquiry to:support @ icas.to

Interpretation Services

We will be your interpreters for PC-related business and transactions. (Japanese to English or vice versa.)

Please send any inquiries to:support @ icas.to

Translation Services

We will translate the following areas: PC-related, electric-related and optical-related documents, manuals and catalogs. (Japanese to English or vice versa)

Please send any inquiries to:support @ icas.to

User Manual Writing Services

We will write up user manuals in either English or Japanese from scratch.

Please send any inquiries to:support @ icas.to

Testing/Evaluation Services

We will test and evaluate PC peripherals to your requirements. If or when you have a question whether or not, your particular device/peripheral works on a Japanese OS environement, let us undertake the evaluation.

Please send any inquiries to:support @ icas.to

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